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This afternoon a phishing attack was conducted in the forums and through sitemail. This attack created a fake istockphoto.com login screen, prompted the user for a username & password, saved them to a malicious server, then redirected the user back to the iStockphoto main page.

Some Q&A:

Is my credit card information safe?
iStockphoto does not store any credit card information, so there is no financial information to breach.

Is your site secure?
Our site is secure. We detected this attempted breach within minutes and implemented our security protocol: because we werent sure how far-reaching it was, we took the site down to eliminate further exposure.

What should I do now?
Step 1: Please reset your iStock Password
Step 2: As a precaution, please make sure you reset all your online passwords on other sites if they happen to be the same as the one you use on iStockphoto.



2009/03/01    20:52    5575    rod 业内信息 不指定

2。Istockphoto推出音频销售服务Istockaudio。另外一个Istockphoto的消息比较有趣,大家可以去看看Istockphoto的第一本供图者摄影书籍的预览(Parallel Perspectives)。
1)Fotolia通过Email通知宣布调整了独家策略,将在3月份推出Total Exclusivity,类似Istockphoto,Total Exclusivity是针对摄影师的排它性协议,包括图片和视频,签约者将享受Fotolia的价格分成和其他方面的优惠。原先的单个图片将保留,但优惠性不如Total。
2)本月初Foto宣布调整了部分规格的价格,M license 价格从原先的3调整为4,摄影师能得到更多的回报。
3)Fotolia推出UNSOLD FILES MANAGEMENT,简单说就是24个月没有销售的图片可以提供给Fotolia的Free Images API,Fotolia支付0.5刀/张的报酬,图片需放在Free Images API至少18个月,这期间图片仍可在Foto上销售(都放到免费了,估计也不会有销售)。不过对大多数国内微友而言,超过2年的图片应该不多。
5。Corbis宣布放弃Snapvillage的微图业务,其业务和客户都将在09年末前转到Corbis旗下的另一个平台Veer Marketplace。具体可见《图片巨头Corbis宣布放弃Snapvillage的微图业务
6。本月还受到知名多网站上传软件Prostockmaster的通知,他们跟PantherMedia 展开合作,不过这是月初的消息,具体内容我也记不清了。

月初图片界巨头Corbis宣布在将在年底前放弃旗下的全资微图图片网站 -- Snapvillage,其业务和客户将移至Veer Marketplace 。Corbis宣称将在今后将大部分Snapvillage 的图片转移到Veer Marketplace 。不过我估计按Corbis的Veer Marketplace 微图业务开张方案,转移工作搞不好要到年中才能开始,如果还是以前Snapvillage那种做派,估计还要晚。Snapvillage宣称用户可以继续在Snapvillage上片,从现在到Veer Marketplace 微图业务开张这段时间的所有新图片都会转移到Veer.

1. Corbis终于尝到不重视微图市场的后果了,Snapvillage的关闭意味着Corbis两年微图市场的努力基本宣告失败。
2. 这年头新的微付图片库取得成功的机率已经大大降低了。
3. 模式对于成功相当关键。直付交易和摄影师自定义价格(选择),Snapvillage的两个特色,最终被证明不被市场所接受。
4. Veer Marketplace到底能怎样,还有待进一步了解和观察。不过,Veer 跟Istockphoto 同处一个地方,看来Gettyimage和Corbis这两大巨头是铆上了,不知道将来有没可能上演微图的双龙会?其实我一直觉得Corbis没必要自己去弄个平台来做微图,学Gettyimage那样,直接收购现成的微付图片库也许更有效。不过,对Corbis的动态不了解,不知道它这方面以前是否有过啥动作。





New Opportunity at Veer Marketplace  
Dear SnapVillage Contributor,

As a contributor you know how fast microstock is growing. So do we! Corbis anticipates that within the next few years, microstock photography will represent more than 25% of the overall stock photography market. We are committed to taking a significant share of this market and providing photographers a leading brand and website to reach customers looking for affordable, quality photography and a great web experience.

We have learned a lot from SnapVillage, and we recognize that as the market has rapidly evolved over the past two years, we need a bigger, better offering to achieve success in microstock.

So today we’re excited to be sharing our plans to roll SnapVillage into a new microstock offering on Veer, which Corbis acquired in 2007. Veer is a highly successful stock agency specializing in creative rights managed (RM) and royalty free (RF). It has a large, established, global customer base, strong brand loyalty and an industry-leading website supported by winning marketing campaigns. These elements provide an ideal platform to rapidly build our microstock business and to help you sell more. We plan to build on SnapVillage’s assets to launch a new microstock-specific section at Veer called Veer Marketplace.

What does this mean for SnapVillage?  
In the months ahead, we’ll be inviting SnapVillage contributors and customers to Veer Marketplace. Once Veer Marketplace is launched and fully operational, it will become Corbis’ only microstock brand and SnapVillage will be phased out by the end of the year.

What does this mean for you?  
Good news! In the months ahead, we’ll be inviting SnapVillage contributors and customers to Veer Marketplace. Marketplace will offer contributors efficient uploading capabilities, a great user experience and your work will be showcased and marketed within the amazing award-winning design and community for which Veer is recognized. (There will also be other good stuff too but we can’t reveal all our secrets before launch!).

When does Veer Marketplace launch?  
Veer Marketplace will launch in two phases with a small sampling of affordable images that can be purchased a la carte in late February, followed by a full launch mid year with contributor upload capabilities and credit-based pricing and subscriptions. You can read more details about this in the attached FAQ.

It will take time to complete this process so please bear with us. By mid-year you’ll have the chance to sell your work to a whole new crowd of people and become part of the Veer community.

Want to learn more about Veer? Wondering if there is anything you need to do? Please read the Contributor FAQ to learn more about Veer Marketplace.

We also invite you to join the conversation about Veer Marketplace. We’d love to hear from you so register and create a profile to make sure as Veer Marketplace grows, we continue to meet your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at marketplacesubmissions@veer.com if you have any questions

I got my 2000th download today
今天IS的下载过两千,庆贺下 :) :),从1000到2000花了大概9个月时间,比我预计的要长了快2个月,主要是因为08年12月和09年1月的下载差强人意,还好2月份有所恢复,但愿下一个1000能在年中时完成.
Today is my another milestone in Istockphoto:my second thousand downloads arrived .It took nearly 9 months to do this from 1000 to 2000,and I hope I'll get next thousand in the middle of this year. Thanks for everybody who downloaded my files,the link below is my 2000th download. :0 :) :0


1. 此表的08年数据来自于微图达人Lee Torrens,在此感谢Lee的无私分享.
2. 08/12部分网站遗漏统计,是过后补的,可能存在不准确性,但不影响整体趋势,其数据仅供参考.









2009/01/04    23:05    3873    rod 业内信息 不指定
感谢同事 黄提供的信息!!

Shutterstock注册审核要求注册的名字必须与护照一致,但不少朋友在注册时往往户疏忽了这个要求,审核时就会发生'Full Name'与护照不一致致使无法通过的问题。因为审核时用户是无法自己去更改full name 等信息的,如果要重新注册又需要提供新的Email地址,而且对大部分人而言,更改常用email也是个很头痛的问题。所以这时可以通过向Shutterstock申诉的方式,请求Shutterstock帮忙修改'Full name',下文可以供参考,记得将护照的电子文档作为附件一并发给Shutterstock以便确认。

To:   submit@shutterstock.com
Subject: Please help to change my Full Name in Shutterstock account
     I'm a newbie in Shutterstock. The  Full name in my account isn't same as my passport I uploaded.Please do me a favor to change the full name in my account from 'xxxx' to 'XXXXX', that is the name  used in my passport.

Best regards!!




2008/12/25    17:51    3318    rod Microstock 不指定
网络上常用的微图网站简写和常见的缩略语,供参考(From Basic Stock Photography Terminology - for Photographers)

G: Getty images
SV or just "snap": Snapvillage.
IS: Istock.com
AL: Alamy.com
SXP: Stockxpert.com
SS: Shutterstock.com
CS: Crestock.com
DT: Dreamstime.com
FT: Fotolia.com
BS: Bigstockphoto.com (似乎也有人称为BSP)
YAY:  YayMicro.com
P5: http://www.pond5.com

LCV - Limited Commercial Value (缺乏商业价值,常见拒绝理由)
PM - Private Massage  
HDR - High Dynamic Range (高动态范围)
SUB - Subscription lisences. (包月/套餐许可)
MR - Model Release. (模特(肖像)授权)
RM - Right maneges licences. (版权管理许可)
RR - Rights-Ready
RF - Royalty Free licences.(免版权许可)
OOF - Out Of Focus (失焦)
DOF - Depth of Field (景深)
OD: On Demand Sale DL - Subscription Sale EL - Extended Licence Sale
BME - Best month ever (sales) WME - Worst month ever (sales) BDE - Best day ever (sales)
WDE - Worst day ever (sales)
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